Gerontology Career Paths

Looking to launch or expand your career while working to enhance the lives of the aging? Gerontology.

Concordia University – Chicago offers master’s and doctoral degree programs that are 100% online and guides students with top practices of gerontological education, exploration, and exercise.

Classes start every eight weeks and consist of 18 students to make your experience more amiable while studying at Concordia University Chicago.


Let’s explore the opportunities that come after.


Social Welfare

Social workers focus on operating and overseeing individuals’ problems. With a degree in gerontology, you can specialize in accommodating the patients who are older, along with their families.

 Social Worker | Care Manager | Social Services Advocate


Human Services

Nursing and home health aides provide help for those who are physically or mentally ill or injured. Work forces such as hospitals, nursing homes, mental health facilities, and the patients’ place of residence, supply this type of guidance.

 Senior Center Director | Director of Client Care | Resident Service Coordinator


Health Wellness OR Medical Management OR Health Maintenance

Health care professional’s top priority is to enhance or conserve the health of those who are ill, disabled, or injured. A degree in gerontology will enable you to have instruction on the aspects of the older community.

Client Care Coordinator | Occupational Care Therapist | Dementia Care Specialist


Social Research

Social science is the study of individuals in society and their social relationships between people and groups. Get a degree in gerontology and you will be authorized to analyze the relationship between growing older and how that affects the way of life.

Master Level Human Services| Activities Manager | Program Coordinator 



Eager to support the wellness of our aging society?

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