Upcoming Dissertations

Very few people earn a doctorate degree. In fact, the 2011 U.S. Census data indicates that less than 2% of Americans have an earned doctorate. Worldwide data is harder to verify but, in some estimates, less than .7% of the world’s population has earned a doctorate degree.

A critical step in this process is the dissertation which is an independent, scholarly work of research completed by the doctoral candidate, under the guidance of a dissertation committee to demonstrate:

  • scholarship through intellectual endeavor
  • and the application of research skills.

A dissertation defense is separated into two presentations.

The first presentation is the Proposal Defense.  Typically, a doctoral candidate will present Chapters 1 through 3 and provide a concise plan or blueprint for conducting the remainder of one’s research.

After the committee approves this, the candidate will undergo the necessary steps to complete the final two chapters of the manuscript.

Both presentations are completed through an oral, public presentation by the candidate primarily to his or her committee members.

Concordia University-Chicago’s Gerongology program invites you to virtually attend these presentations to support the candidates as well as gain a deeper understanding of Gerontology and the subject matters that students learn and study.

Please watch this page for upcoming dissertations.