M Bennett Wolfe Sr.


M. Bennett Wolfe is a current PhD candidate in the Gerontology program. His areas of expertise include Gerontology, Criminal Justice, Sociology, and much more. He teaches courses at City Colleges of Chicago, and has taught at Trinity Christian College, East-West University, the University of Chicago Office of Special Programs/College Prep, and the Chicago Police Academy. “I love to teach! Positively influencing the lives of future generations is my passion.  My previous teaching experiences enable me to easily relate to the students and visa-versa. I believe students must feel important and that their efforts are vital and productive.” He currently works as a community research specialist for the University of Michigan School of Public Health.


Doctoral Candidate – Gerontology Concordia University Chicago
Masters of Social Work – The University of Chicago
Certificate – The Graduate Program in Health Administration and Policy – The University of Chicago
Bachelors of Arts – Roosevelt University


Graduate: Sociology of Aging, Thesis Writing, Aging Values Attitudes & Ethics, Stress Management & Resiliency Police Courses: Mental Health, Finance and Nutrition for the Chicago Police Department

Undergraduate: Introduction to Psychology, Introduction to Sociology, Race, Ethnicity and Politics, Theories of Socialization and Human Relations, Business Communication, Logic and Critical Thinking, Intro to Criminal Justice, Intro to Criminology, Homeland Security, Ethics, Customer Service, Adult Education, English-As-a-Second-Language (ESL), U.S. Citizenship


  • Co – Author: December 2020 Perceptions of Aging Well Study: Exploring How HIV-Positive and HIV Negative Older Adults Successfully Age. Gerontology And Geriatric Research. 2020; 3(1):122
  • Co -Author: June 2017 Perceptions of Healthy Aging: Exploring Aging Well for HIV-Infected and Non-Infected Older People Innovation in Aging, Volume 1, Issue suppl_1, 1 July 2017, Pages 1233 –1234,
  • Co-Author: January 2017 Perceived Healthy Aging: The role of spirituality for older adults diagnosed with chronic diseases/ailments
  • Co- Author: July 2016 Health-specific information and communication technology use and its relationship to obesity in high-poverty, urban communities: Analysis of a population-based biosocial survey” Journal of Medical Internet
  • Co-Author: October 2015 “The Changing Nature of Speed and Time: Exploring Generalized Slowing with Older Adults,” The Gerontologist, Volume 55, Issue Suppl_2, November 2015, Page 417, https://doi.org/10.1093/geront/gnv184.16
  • Research Contributor: October 2015 Pharmacy Accessibility and Cost-related Underuse of Prescription Medications Among High Poverty Black and Hispanic Communities on Chicago’s South Side Community Health Planning and Policy Development program of the 143rd APHA Annual Meeting
  • Reviewer: May 2014 “SouthSide Population Health Study Community Dissemination of Findings,”
  • Co-Author: May 2012 “Project ECHO: An Innovative Campus-Community Partnership for Managing Uncontrolled Hypertension,” 35th Society of General Internal Medicine
  • Co-Author: August 2011 “Using an Established Videoconference Model to Train Urban Primary Care Providers on Hypertension Management,” The Journal of Clinical Hypertension and Management
  • Contributing Author: January 2011 “Building Community-Engaged Health Research and Discovery Infrastructure on the South Side of Chicago: Science in Service to Community Priorities,” Journal of Preventive Medicine
  • Author: April 2005 “Procuring and Retaining Minority Males in Adult Education” African American and Latino(a) Adult Education Research Symposium

Manuscripts in progress:

  • Perceptions of Cognitive Generalized Slowing Among Older Adults


  • Moderator: Panel discussion: November 15, 2020  The University of Chicago Alumni Association – UCABA
    Well-being in Times of Enduring Uncertainty – A safe space for University of Chicago Black alumni, during a period of a national health pandemic and social unrest
  • Author/Presenter: June 2017 7th International Conference on Aging and Spirituality Poster Presentation Perceived Healthy Aging: The Role of Spirituality for Older Adults Diagnosed with HIV. Abstract Spirituality plays a significant role with regards coping/surviving strategies and aging
  • Author/Presenter: March 2016 Amer. Society of Aging Poster Session Resiliency Factors Among African-Amer./Black Older Adult Males
  • Author/Presenter: November 2015 The Changing Nature of Speed and Time: Exploring Generalized Slowing With Older Adults
  • Co-Author/presenter: March 2015 American Society of Aging Poster session: Age Against the Machine, Exploring What Music Enthusiast Baby Boomers Want in a Retirement Community
  • Author/Presenter: March 2015 Mount Carmel High School Impact Week Program End of life issues
  • Author/Presenter: February 2015 Workshop: Intimate Partner Violence in Young Adults
  • Author/Presenter: December 2014 Lifelong Learning- Continuing Education Survey Results. Oak Park Township Senior Services, Oak Park IL
  • Author/Presenter: May  2012 “Project ECHO: An Innovative Campus-Community Partnership for Managing Uncontrolled Hypertension” The 35th Society of General Internal Medicine, Orlando, Florida
  • Author/Presenter: November 2010 Article – Featured “Tackling Health Disparities With Community Ties” The University of Chicago – Civic Engagement https://www.uchicago.edu/features/20101116_wolfe/
  • Author/Presenter: October 2010 Building the Individual and Organizational CBPR Capacity of Community Partners: The Story of the Alliance for Research in Chicagoland Communities “The Faces of Urban Health, Touro College of Pharmacy, A Forum to Share Community-Based Strategies to Address Health Equity in Urban Communities, Harlem, New York
  • Research Associate: Rush Center of Excellence on Disparities in HIV and Aging (CEDHA), http://www.cedha.rush.edu/perceptions.html
  • Radio Interview Guest: Real Talk, Real People with Chat Daddy Art Simms – WVON 1690AM, Thursday, November 12, 2015
    Discussing Generation X and the next stages of the life span


Working Group Member                        January 2010 – Present
Community Based Participatory Research Mapping Project (MAPSCorps) that produces high quality data about community assets that everyone can use to improve the human condition. With the help of the education sector clients who have a need to connect students and other members of the university community can connect to local resources to meet wellness, chronic condition, caregiving and educational/employment needs.


Working Group Member                        January 2010 – June 2017
The Univ. of Chicago Medical Center’s Urban Health Initiative South Side Health and Vitality Studies
Community based participatory research methods (CBPR), to create/generate strategies & interventions to maintain good health on the South Side of Chicago.
– Community Engagement and Epidemiology
– Campaign for the Population Demo Study


Member – The Association of Governing Boards of Universities and Colleges (AGB)

Member –  National Association for Family School and Community Engagement (NAFSCE)

Member – The Gerontological Society of America

Fellow – Michigan Center for Urban African American Aging Research Workshop

Scholar – Robert Wood Johnson Foundation New Connections Diversity and Inclusion

Member – The Association for Anthropology and Gerontology and the Life Course (AAGE)

Fellow – Education Pioneer

Member – Chicagoland Scholars Strategy Network

Member (emeritus) – Illinois Board of Higher Education

Member (emeritus) – Illinois Board of Higher Education – Student Advisory Committee


Mediation and Conflict Resolution, St. Xavier University

Negotiation and Decision – Making: Building Skills to Improve Outcomes, University of Chicago

Developing Peer – Mentor Relationships for Increased Retention, Adult Learning Resource Center

Recognition of Cognitive Difficulties among Adult Learners, Adult Learning Resource Center

Phlebotomy – National Medical Certification Board Beckford Health Services

Online Instruction – Concordia University Chicago

Blended Learning – The City Colleges of Chicago District – Adult Education